What's Up With Whiskey?

Thursday, July 17 2014 11:34 AM
By India Borchardt

As whiskey continues to rise in popularity, it was no surprise when a customer commented on her recent college grad ordering the same cocktail as grandpa...an "Old Fashioned." Her surprise was that the 24 year old grad was her daughter.

Whiskey, once considered a "man's" drink, has crossed the gender line. And whiskey/bourbon lovers of both genders seem to agree,
the best showcase for whiskey is the quite possibly the Old Fashioned.

The Old Fashioned has always been a signature cocktail for Hereford House (what is more classic Americana than steak, whiskey, and cowboys?) but now, as full on fans of this whiskey revolution...we are
expanding our whiskey selection and the variety of cocktails.

As members of the Kansas City Originals, we also believe in Eating and Drinking local. Kansas City's own Dark Horse Distillery offers a whiskey selection that we are proud to serve. In fact, we think you will like it so much, we are about to launch a "Whiskey Summer" menu in mid-July. As a chef, and particularly as a steakhouse chef, I can think of very few pairings better than good beef with good whiskey.

We're bringing back the popular Whiskey Medallions with a Dark Horse Whiskey Demi glacé. In the bar we would like to introduce you (if you aren't friends already) to the Old West Old Fashioned, the Steel Pony, and a great summery cocktail called Horse Feathers. And, even if you aren't a whiskey drinker, it is going to be hard to resist the Whiskey Summer twist on our popular bread pudding. It's the classic Hereford white chocolate bread pudding, served with an Apple, Caramel and Whiskey glaze.

So join us soon, we'll raise a glass to the Old Fashion, and to "everything old being new again."

Please tell us....how do you take your whiskey?


Erik Hyre, Corporate Chef

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