Healthy Isn't Boring

Wednesday, January 14 2015 8:35 AM
By Stephen Valenti

Eating healthy doesn't need to be boring or flavorless. Spice things up with these tasty tips.

Use fresh garlic or fresh ginger to cook steak. Add different spices to your vegetables. Blackened seasoning doesn't need to be just on a piece of steak or chicken. Lemon is also a great addition to your vegetables or fish, and easier on your waist line instead of a butter sauce. Try cooking your chicken and vegetables in with olive oil. Tiring of the same old EVOO? Go to your grocery store, or better yet an olive oil store, where you can find infused and flavored olive oils. These can bring a whole new taste to your average chicken or vegetables. Those rich, creamy salad dressings are wonderful for your taste buds, but not so wonderful for your waist line. If the thought of eating a "dry" salad is a little daunting, try a flavored or infused vinegar. It adds that little extra flavor without adding all of the calories.

Enjoy cooking your flavorful and healthy food!

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